Tag-Clusters: Temporal-Clusters



50 temporal clusters (ranked by average second moment in descending order):

Rank Tags Visualization  Temporally_relevant Second Moment Cluster num
1 4th fourthofjuly 4thofjuly independenceday july4th fireworks july
 Yes 0.5782 43
2 january newyearseve
 Yes 0.5 20
3 turkey thanksgiving november
 Yes 0.3552 6
4 august
 Yes 0.2785 3
5 iris may dandelion graduation memorialday
(Yes, if the visualization is shown)
0.2691 2
6 costume costumes halloween
 Yes 0.2235 30
7 christmastree christmaslights christmas ornament holidays xmas decorations december snowman
 Yes 0.2153 49
8 pride june
 No 0.206 31
9 fallcolors pumpkins autumn fall foliage october pumpkin
 Yes 0.1902 12
10 irish march
(Yes, if the visualization is shown)
0.1440 21
11 blossoms spring blossom magnolia cherry buds tulip tulips april cherryblossoms easter
 Yes 0.1406 22
12 ice snow winter frozen snowboarding skiing ski cold icicles snowstorm blizzard february
 Yes 0.1136 17
13 wtc 911 worldtradecenter hurricane september
 Yes 0.1057 44
14 obama barackobama president election
(Yes, if the visualization is shown)
0.0550 33
15 apples football harvest weatherbug airme aspen
 No 0.0653 11
16 decoration lights holiday rockefellercenter cookies fireplace santa gift macys
 Yes 0.0634 7
17 camping moth canoe meadow kayak wyoming insect boating tent camp campfire bee bug insects bugs bumblebee cottage chipmunk bees thunder yellowstone capecod dragonfly lightning reunion glacier lily coneyisland thunderstorm summer
 No 0.0550 13
18 spider fair spiderweb web rides grapes monarch grasshopper peppers tomatoes corn airshow sunflower
 No 0.0546 5
19 scarf jacket hockey skating basketball footprints branches frost
(Yes, if the visualization is shown)
0.0541 41
20 leaf colors change politics colours maple leaves rally marathon
(Yes, if the visualization is shown)
0.0520 4
21 flowers petals flower nest floral turtles osprey bud violet bloom peacock robin strawberry kite pollen wildflower iflickr wildflowers baseball ladybug poppy
(Yes, if the visualization is shown)
0.0493 35
22 float parade celebration gay
 Yes 0.0467 24
23 cactus egg eggs mallard bunny deathvalley goose break protest
 No 0.0464 9
24 fog berry foggy berries pie
 No 0.0455 10
25 baldeagle project365 365 beads heart orchid 2010 tahoe hearts cardinal 2009
 No 0.0444 1
26 family mom dad brother sister grandma ribbon bow
 No 0.0436 32
27 boat sailboat alberta boats ferry fishing sailing lake rollercoaster britishcolumbia sail ride idaho butterflies sailboats rockies frog lobster niagara niagarafalls nationalpark wilderness vacation tomato roadtrip prairie lotus moose rockymountains montana summit lakes butterfly hibiscus banff bison lifeguard swim amusementpark farmersmarket bikini maine swimming ferriswheel hummingbird heat corvette
 No 0.0436 26
28 skull scary ghost blood skeleton mask makeup carving lantern princess pirate spooky batman
 Yes 0.0436 8
29 shade motorcycle garden racing icecream golf sunglasses grill biking peach lawn hotdog rapids snail race relaxing pirates beetle bbq rose picnic cycling roses festival ceremony daisy weekend
 No 0.04353 15
30 wedding dew balloon bride tractor vegetables yosemite elk vineyard winery stadium groom fungus reception anniversary mushrooms mushroom newhampshire gorge soccer vermont honeymoon hay caterpillar newengland marriage
 No 0.0433 38
31 washingtondc dc smithsonian lincolnmemorial whitehouse jefferson washingtonmonument olympics
 No 0.0426 47
32 chinatown chinese super dragon bowl
 No 0.04115 37
33 plants plant green macro purple zoo wild pink yard dress flora swing grass track turtle dam dirt giraffe gardens botanical reptile rabbit raindrops skateboard backyard naturesfinest riding lizard tiny weeds gravel sunny patio native swamp chalk snake bubbles weed droplets wwii sandstone babies mississippiriver zion bat fern fdsflickrtoys arboretum flood
 No 0.0409 16
34 palmtree palm florida palmtrees mexico warm miami bowling keys pelican palms key impressedbeauty ruins fl arena azul caribbean tea tropical phoenix sol tulum iguana méxico tucson cuba puertorico jamaica seagulls guatemala costarica cancun atardecer bahamas branch iglesia neworleans mug mar keywest havana woodpecker playa
 No 0.0408 48
35 island cloud shore dock national harbor bear clouds lighthouse canada crab boardwalk bc oregon mountain colorado atlantic trip newport fly victoria rocky michigan deck mountains peak cave hot dunes tan mount pool states rope umbrella harbour splash tourist cabin lakemichigan tourists wharf islands adventure cove seaweed deer driftwood british atlanticocean tour whale mt volcano quebec rainbow starfish cape haze carousel olympic yacht storm carnival convention tennis
 No 0.0404 14
36 cat cats home pets toys kitchen toy cathedral angel disney piano chocolate doll pine mall star crystal plate mouse cards couch max tree table maya display fur blanket sugar shopping disneyland jesus evergreen ipod socks cooking dinner driveway lobby bulb unionsquare card livingroom scene balls candle epcot soup candles candy cookie
 No 0.0403 50
37 water trail river park rocks field horses fountain hike marsh forest scenic buffalo wings utah porch cliff granite grand canyon scenery pond wheel statepark scooter ontario classic hiking log giant minnesota wagon cliffs climbing bike infrared waterfall huge wisconsin peaceful calm parks farm cannon shoreline fisherman stones falls large sheep iowa sealion northwest waterfalls relax fountains bean searstower brooklynbridge border beaver harley ghosttown cow navy welcome climb rays salmon cntower balloons vine floating planes tourism ridge grandcanyon goat ivy fields pig mustang bikes hudsonriver fans route66
 No 0.0399 18
38 poster sidewalk theunforgettablepictures library searchthebest southern atlanta soe philly colorphotoaward gothic holga theperfectphotographer university school fashion midtown cambridge death bravo color berkeley trees cemetery campus dallas dj arts sports livemusic graveyard punk graves soho news furry college team centralpark early student rainy oak class highschool hope conference students
 No 0.0398 29
39 selfportrait self coffee room bathroom 50mm bed starbucks office shadow floor industrial flash lamp tile wire drawing goldstaraward lonely tracks beard anawesomeshot sink shot sad apartment pet box books book lighting bayarea shadows carpet stilllife platinumphoto print paper birds blurry hospital tampa jewelry mac strobist computer ceiling sf tv traffic laptop desk lips tiles alcohol mexican de work spoon bedroom polaroid busstop hallway drunk alone louisiana lab rice raptor cranes homeless laundry money georgetown boots orlando cruise escalator skate gallery bath fingers television newspaper sacramento letters photobooth first keyboard necklace unionstation lamppost project milk superbmasterpiece streetlight hawk pigeons windy studio fight haircut puddle evil commute cupcakes leather luna
 No 0.0396 42
40 abandoned georgia arizona iron walk nashville bricks alabama mississippi texas pigeon structure bark pub cement jeans tx marble desert converse grave squirrel moss good staircase rails war japan brush arkansas overcast headstone lichen temple courthouse savannah dry st postoffice paris flickrsbest tomb barbedwire basket crow charleston goldengatepark alligator bellagio saint sedona clocktower nasa austin
 No 0.0396 34
41 light dark longexposure blur silhouette exposure night kitty sunset glow kitten surf stars sunsets wow cielo from mannequin tripod nightphotography surfing timessquare nightshot nighttime dawn morning flame best fake iphone ikea target las baybridge headlights surfer sunrise knife steam 2005 moon mist party fullmoon
 No 0.0395 39
42 girls outdoor rock tiger unitedstates legs tattoo engine outdoors feet women point american guy fan washington waterfront antique marina great fruit chevy ford aircraft youth boys air indian line blonde kids vehicle evening automobile foot wa bicycle jet shirt dancing tshirt tall warning mine banner rain guard hudson plaque chevrolet helmet helicopter jumping co amazing arm slide stand dodge pickup heron flag chrome honda musician burger fries seafood canadian leg trailer zebra ripples twins flags spray free singer bicycles bmw range cowboy crowd toes rooftop calgary concert sound stage jazz dancers bucket firetruck alien drum queen porsche fremont dancer americanflag freedom clown 4
 No 0.0394 40
43 graffiti fence brick shoes texture metal wall white perspective construction paint life walking stairs cross chain decay bronze focus rusty playground ducks flight bright contrast wind rust sunshine concrete stop doors steps angle lines lightroom bird pole blueribbonwinner junk dof supershot for va broken garage factory landing monkey corner flickrdiamond shoe machine stick spiral telephone balcony ad advertising soft columns railing hydrant diamondclassphotographer pipe curves apartments equipment warehouse bush crane drop pedestrian garbage firehydrant lock tag symmetry traintracks duck japanese raw shozu demolition science feathers owl swan numbers curve pot column seat wide robot tire courtyard banana sticker mud bluesky 3 sunday exhibit mailbox pipes overpass copper security watch stump cable fireescape lost tiltshift collage crack china bamboo mail energy seats shack starwars cupcake geese sparrow
 No 0.0393 25
44 bar eyes hand hill glasses empty eye hands bag kodak picture san rebel chair silly post transit asian parking time fisheye interior airport roof puppy parkinglot trash drink board avenue metro dogs lens nose sushi bottle dog frame god pattern plastic court sanjose capital soda pacificocean person sleep drinking sandiego inside teeth cheese exit tired driving interesting mission streetsign menu bread eagle electric furniture profile liquor zoom catholic clothes salt clear cover bars sleepy bottles cup freeway tie capitol seagull condo chimney coral cell yummy pyramid gull drinks nude religion longbeach can screen ave king delicious detroit dirty needle venice writing mouth fork sale jungle finger resort globe tires diego magazine grocery test chandelier southwest sanantonio foam weather bald shells still buddha naked lemon spanish
 No 0.039235 27
45 animal animals closeup fish wildlife boy beer baby chicken mural airplane candid smiling pretty d40 outside young little tank children horse hills back couple laugh men milwaukee lady boulder kid toddler play otter places feeding movie male wet eos shell jump daughter retro playing cream cocacola cone ball close elephant wooden publicart statues d300 flamingo drops wing parrot pose steak sitting underground watertower windmill crossing butt out gas southcarolina trolley games cows civilwar small salad look rainforest springs nap fast land thomas wheels front rest side shrimp gorilla d90 gasstation fresh cap mother cart ears trucks docks motel arches open cattle pepsi rocket rooster roots bubble birdhouse memorial day
 No 0.039230 36
46 view tower museum sky pier skyline sun panorama highway bay ocean pizza fort fun sea travel ship big long town waves south aquarium speed market beach chairs north port coast wave pacific sand vancouver reading map landmark marker eat ships columbia underwater vista grain dolphin nevada tail horizon crash electricity united america double danger santamonica top ray feather mainstreet spaceneedle diving silo marine hood towers blackberry jellyfish shark international italian chess tide seal stanleypark moving jackson lodge straw pugetsound paradise watching agua cadillac laketahoe
 No 0.039102 46
47 bridge red maryland landscape reflection d50 colorful virginia missouri ohio road newjersey brown nc pa historic illinois ny boston sunlight minneapolis reflections newyork northcarolina nature chicago nj barn madison bridges pennsylvania state country usa toronto indiana rural golden county steeple il connecticut tennessee orange canal montreal landscapes ma historical bank fox valley carolina creek western ground stream james band stlouis aplusphoto weathered afternoon mill game awesome yellow dead massachusetts vines running path flare creepy woods backlit military hanging apple gold cemetary bull fuzzy reservoir kentucky malibu wolf adobe gravestone lensflare seed ottawa jersey run event engagement trunk tombstone soldier colour dust smoke horns monster seeds
 No 0.039100 19
48 john amy friends funny happy smile child jason tom eric matt michael son mike jeff 2007 2008 david tongue chris adam eating andy alex ben us bell ryan dave dan castle emily sam kiss sarah andrew bokeh dusk laura wife scott katie joe hat brian ranch steve kansas sleeping kevin paul josh twilight favorite monterey mark newmexico lisa tim bob fire statueofliberty nick denver justin laughing shed meat father gun jim mary village null drive mansion brothers gazebo hug bill flames elvis jack interstate pepper polarbear 2002 sisters penguin 2003 2004 angels inn bears 2006
 No 0.0390 28
49 hdr blue sign statue truck beautiful sculpture nikon car woman people vintage signs windows geotagged wood high girl public man music guitar beauty the nikkor tunnel photographer cake gate seattle portland van pentax brooklyn stone panoramic railroad female model cool union group action photomatix arch circle lunch sigma skyscraper signage billboard plane artist history up columbus detail queens show skyscrapers logo boeing advertisement head round transportation wideangle hole french flying pittsburgh mosaic power sexy natural ladder west aerial walkway chrysler steel dome waiting two jay greatblueheron photos skin lincoln santacruz painted depthoffield chapel strange looking brewery cab powerlines coke police dinosaur aviation cleveland crosswalk vw pavement prison arrow bass baltimore mini entrance live main peace three place chelsea liberty low dance monument facade cigarette suit sport drums gear volkswagen end f18 crown pano auto community alcatraz custom blues jeep locomotive verde performance toyota barrel cablecar shower pop 1 trails body railway rings 5 sandwich district diamond dream army government booth earth martin burn
 No 0.03897 45
50 street black portrait downtown art blackandwhite city building church photo abstract bw ca california architecture urban blackwhite buildings square face bus grey window cityscape photography cars house subway shop canon train d80 cafe painting glass camera photoshop sanfrancisco station hair door hotel restaurant me losangeles clock monochrome oakland cameraphone mirror theater sepia lot old alley la newyorkcity center gray olympus 35mm digital explore hall abigfave food phone film diner picnik cute love is hollywood birthday nyc neon weird elevator stainedglass doorway sony mobile bench wires friend taxi theatre philadelphia store motion silver rail york goldengatebridge trainstation fuji sweet oklahoma manhattan video cellphone faces stripes random angeles francisco design lion egret down closed streetart portraits feline broadway cityhall shine one ring wallpaper cloudy los wine artwork houses club lounge crazy williamsburg with streets east toilet radio 120 modern lomo artdeco casino storefront movement shiny oil world delta smoking mcdonalds plaza stencil flickr set christian trains panda neighborhood goldengate area new industry central el richmond intersection humor space pictures moma terminal empirestatebuilding houston george accident arlington magic dessert az breakfast joy grafitti business chryslerbuilding strip dining empire streetcar victorian miniature vegas santabarbara bones bacon german 2 lasvegas no bakery amtrak lions lego times wreck hats bookstore cage singing damage
 No 0.03892 23