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Social media mining

A deep study into the history of web design
Bardia Doosti, David Crandall, Norman Makoto Su
A unified model for near and remote sensing
Scott Workman, Menghua Zhai, David Crandall, Nathan Jacobs
ICCV 2017
Tracking Natural Events through Social Media and Computer Vision
Jingya Wang, Mohammed Korayem, Saul Blanco, David Crandall
ACMMM 2016
Linking past to present: Discovering style in two centuries of architecture
Stefan Lee, Nicolas Maisonneuve, David Crandall, Alexei Efros, Josef Sivic
ICCP 2015
Where have all the people gone? Enhancing global conservation using night lights and social media
Noam Levin, Salit Kark, David Crandall
Ecological Applications 2015
Multimodal Learning in Loosely-organized Web Images
Kun Duan, David Crandall, Dhruv Batra
CVPR 2014
Observing the natural world with Flickr
Jingya Wang, Mohammed Korayem, David Crandall
ICCV CVCP Workshop 2013
Best paper award!
SfM with MRFs: Discrete-Continuous Optimization for Large-Scale Structure from Motion
David Crandall, Andrew Owens, Noah Snavely, Daniel Huttenlocher
PAMI 2013
Mining Photo-sharing Websites to Study Ecological Phenomena
Haipeng Zhang, Mohammed Korayem, David Crandall, Gretchen LeBuhn
WWW 2012
Modeling people and places with internet photo collections
David Crandall, Noah Snavely
CACM 2012
Discrete-Continuous Optimization for Large-scale Structure from Motion
David Crandall, Andrew Owens, Noah Snavely, Daniel Huttenlocher
CVPR 2011
Best paper runner-up!
Networks of Landmarks, Photos, and People
David Crandall, Noah Snavely
Leonardo 2011
Mapping the World's Photos
David Crandall, Lars Backstrom, Daniel Huttenlocher, Jon Kleinberg
WWW 2009
Best paper honorable mention!

Egocentric and opportunistic vision

Egocentric Vision-based Future Vehicle Localization for Intelligent Driving Assistance Systems
Yu Yao, Mingze Xu, Chiho Choi, David Crandall, Ella Atkins, Behzad Dariush
ICRA 2019
Unsupervised Traffic Accident Detection in First-Person Videos
Yu Yao, Mingze Xu, Yuchen Wang, David Crandall, Ella Atkins
IROS 2019
Estimating Head Motion from Egocentric Vision
Satoshi Tsutsui, Sven Bambach, David Crandall, Chen Yu
ICMI 2018
Joint Person Segmentation and Identification in Synchronized First- and Third-person Videos
Mingze Xu, Chenyou Fan, Yuchen Wang, Michael Ryoo, David Crandall
ECCV 2018
Identifying first-person camera wearers in third-person videos
Chenyou Fan, Jangwon Lee, Mingze Xu, Krishna Kumar Singh, Yong Jae Lee, David Crandall, Michael Ryoo
CVPR 2017
Enhancing Lifelogging Privacy by Detecting Screens
Mohammed Korayem, Robert Templeman, Dennis Chen, David Crandall, Apu Kapadia
CHI 2016
Honorable Mention Award!
Lending A Hand: Detecting Hands and Recognizing Activities in Complex Egocentric Interactions
Sven Bambach, Stefan Lee, David Crandall, Chen Yu
ICCV 2015
This Hand is My Hand: A Probabilistic Approach to Hand Disambiguation in Egocentric Video
Stefan Lee, Sven Bambach, David Crandall, John Franchak, Chen Yu
CVPR Egovision Workshop 2014
Best paper award!
Reactive Security: Responding to Visual Stimuli from Wearable Cameras
Robert Templeman, Roberto Hoyle, David Crandall, Apu Kapadia
Ubicomp UPSIDE Workshop 2014
PlaceAvoider: Steering First-Person Cameras away from Sensitive Spaces
Robert Templeman, Mohammed Korayem, David Crandall, Apu Kapadia
NDSS 2014
PlaceRaider: Virtual Theft in Physical Spaces with Smartphones
Robert Templeman, Zahidur Rahman, David Crandall, Apu Kapadia
NDSS 2013

Object recognition

Toddler-Inspired Visual Object Learning
Sven Bambach, David Crandall, Linda Smith, Chen Yu
NeurIPS 2018
Recognizing landmarks in large-scale social image collections
David Crandall, Yunpeng Li, Stefan Lee, Daniel Huttenlocher
Visual Analysis and Geolocalization of Large Scale Imagery 2016
Human pose estimation through composite multi-layer models
Kun Duan, Dhruv Batra, David Crandall
Signal Processing 2015
Vehicle Recognition with Constrained Multiple Instance SVMs
Kun Duan, Luca Marchesotti, David Crandall
WACV 2014
Discovering Localized Attributes for Fine-grained Recognition
Kun Duan, Devi Parikh, David Crandall, Kristen Grauman
CVPR 2012
Composite Models of Objects and Scenes for Category Recognition
David Crandall, Daniel Huttenlocher
CVPR 2007
Color Object Detection using Spatial-Color Joint Probability Functions
Jiebo Luo, David Crandall
IEEE Trans. Image Processing 2006

Extraction of special effects caption text events from digital video
David Crandall, Sameer Antani, Rangachar Kasturi
IJDAR 2002
Robust Extraction of Text in Video
Sameer Antani, David Crandall, Rangachar Kasturi
ICPR 2000

Studying human vision

Exploring inter-observer differences in first-person object views using deep learning models
Sven Bambach, Zehua Zhang, David Crandall, Chen Yu
ICCV MBCC 2017 2017
An Egocentric Perspective on Active Vision and Visual Object Learning in Toddlers
Sven Bambach, David Crandall, Linda Smith, Chen Yu
ICDL 2017
Active Viewing in Toddlers Facilitates Visual Object Learning: An Egocentric Vision Approach
Sven Bambach, David Crandall, Linda Smith, Chen Yu
Objects in the Center: How the Infant's Body Constrains Infant Scenes
Sven Bambach, Linda Smith, David Crandall, Chen Yu
ICDL 2016
Best paper award!
Understanding Embodied Visual Attention in Child-Parent Interaction
Sven Bambach, David Crandall, Chen Yu
ICDL 2013

Wearable camera attitudes and opportunities

Can Privacy Be Satisfying? On Improving Viewer Satisfaction for Privacy-Enhanced Photos Using Aesthetic Transforms
Rakibul Hasan, Yifang Li, Eman Hassan, Kelly Caine, David Crandall, Roberto Hoyle, Apu Kapadia
CHI 2019
Viewer Experience of Obscuring Scene Elements in Photos to Enhance Privacy
Rakibul Hasan, Eman Hassan, Yifang Li, Kelly Caine, David Crandall, Roberto Hoyle, Apu Kapadia
CHI 2018
Cartooning for enhanced privacy in lifelogging and streaming video
Eman Hassan, Rakibul Hasan, Patrick Shaffer, David Crandall, Apu Kapadia
CVPR CV-COPS 2017 2017
Addressing Physical Safety, Security, and Privacy for People with Visual Impairments
Tousif Ahmed, Patrick Shaffer, Kay Connelly, David Crandall, Apu Kapadia
SOUPS 2016
Privacy Concerns and Behaviors of People with Visual Impairments
Tousif Ahmed, Roberto Hoyle, Kay Connelly, David Crandall, Apu Kapadia
CHI 2015
Sensitive Lifelogs: A Privacy Analysis of Photos from Wearable Cameras
Roberto Hoyle, Robert Templeman, Denise Anthony, David Crandall, Apu Kapadia
CHI 2015
Privacy Behaviors of Lifeloggers using Wearable Cameras
Roberto Hoyle, Robert Templeman, Steven Armes, Denise Anthony, David Crandall, Apu Kapadia

Machine learning

Diverse Beam Search for Improved Description of Complex Scenes
Ashwin Vijayakumar, Michael Cogswell, Ramprasaath Selvaraju, Qing Sun, Stefan Lee, David Crandall, Dhruv Batra
AAAI 2018
Diverse Beam Search: Decoding Diverse Solutions from Neural Sequence Models
Ashwin K Vijayakumar, Michael Cogswell, Ramprasath Selvaraju, Qing Sun, Stefan Lee, David Crandall, Dhruv Batra
Stochastic Multiple Choice Learning for Training Diverse Deep Ensembles
Stefan Lee, Senthil Purushwalkam, Michael Cogswell, Viresh Ranjan, David Crandall, Dhruv Batra
NeurIPS 2016

Computer vision for glaciology[More details on these projects]

Multi-Task Spatiotemporal Neural Networks for Structured Surface Reconstruction
Mingze Xu, Chenyou Fan, John Paden, Geoffrey Fox, David Crandall
WACV 2018
Automatic estimation of ice bottom surfaces from radar imagery
Mingze Xu, David Crandall, Geoffrey Fox, John Paden
ICIP 2017
Automatic Near Surface Estimation from Snow Radar Imagery
Jerome Mitchell, David Crandall, Geoffrey Fox, John Paden
Layer-finding in radar echograms using probabilistic graphical models
David Crandall, Geoffrey Fox, John Paden
ICPR 2012

Modeling social networks

Chelsea Won, and You Bought a T-shirt: Characterizing the Interplay Between Twitter and E-Commerce
Haipeng Zhang, Nish Parikh, Gyanit Singh, Neel Sundaresan
Best paper award!
De-anonymizing users across heterogeneous social computing platforms
Mohammed Korayem, David Crandall
ICWSM 2013
Inferring Social Ties from Geographic Coincidences
David Crandall, Lars Backstrom, Daniel Cosley, Siddharth Suri, Daniel Huttenlocher, Jon Kleinberg
PNAS 2010
Feedback Effects between Similarity and Social Influence in Online Communities
David Crandall, Daniel Cosley, Daniel Huttenlocher, Jon Kleinberg, Sid Suri
KDD 2008

Other projects

Observing Pianist Accuracy and Form with Computer Vision
Jangwon Lee, Bardia Doosti, Yupeng Gu, David Cartledge, David Crandall, Christopher Raphael
WACV 2019
Hello Research! Developing an Intensive Research Experience for Undergraduate Women
Suzanne Menzel, Katie Siek, David Crandall
Minimizing Supervision for Free-space Segmentation
Satoshi Tsutsui, Satoshi Tsutsui, Shunta Saito, David Crandall
CVPR Workshop on Autonomous Driving 2018
Addressing supply chain risks of microelectronic devices through computer vision
Zhenhua Chen, Tingyi Wanyan, Ramya Rao, Benjamin Cutilli, James Sowinski, David Crandall, Robert Templeman
AIPR 2017
mFingerprint: Privacy-preserving user modeling with multimodal mobile device footprints
Haipeng Zhang, Zhixian Yan, Jun Yang, Emmanuel Munguia Tapia, David Crandall
SBP 2014
From funding agencies to scientific agency: Collective allocation of science funding as an alternative to peer review
Johan Bollen, David Crandall, Damion Junk, Ying Ding, Katy Borner
EMBO Reports 2014
Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis of Arabic: A Survey
Mohammed Korayem, David Crandall, Muhammad Abdul-Mageed
AMLTA 2012
Solving Avatar Captchas automatically
Mohammed Korayem, Abdallah Mohamed, David Crandall, Roman Yampolskiy
AMLTA 2012